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Beer Goggles Explained for Men’s Health

(iPhone version)

When one of the world’s biggest magazine publications, Men’s Health, comes to you for an animated short what do you do? You draw inspiration from the beginnings of animation.

With illustrations by Zohar Lazar (whose illustrations have been featured in the New Yorker, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Rolling Stones, Esquire, and GQ just to name a few) and an idea for a animated short on beer goggles we decided to make this piece with likeness and similarities to Chuck Jones’s Looney Tunes cartoons. With just 5 frames of illustration and the rest of the scenes left up to us, we captured the slapstick humor behind all those Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd, Wilie E. Coyote & RoadRunner, and Tom & Jerry cartoons to explain the ridiculousness of beer goggles.

Illustrations by Zohar Lazar.

Chuck Jones’ classic Tom & Jerry.

Now let’s say that this animated short was to be released on their new digital magazine edition available on the iPhone and iPad, but could also be played on the traditional desktop computer as well. What do you then?

Do you take the easy route by making one 16:9 formatted version of the short and use that version for vertical displays as well by just using the empty space as filler? No, you format every scene to be focally centered, responsive design 5 different formatted versions so that the viewer would feel like our short was created to be played specifically on whatever device they were watching it on.

Men’s Health had all the scientific information behind those lenses of alcoholic beauty (not so ridiculous after all…), now they needed the motion, the action, and the humor to go along with it. After all, waking up with someone you don’t know next to you after starting off with a sip of alcohol 8 hours earlier requires a lot of motion, action, and humor, don’t u agree?

What’s up, Doc?
Beer Goggles, but that all depends on how you’ve been drinking.

Posted by nick on 4/17/14