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Beer Goggles Explained for Men’s Health

When one of the world’s biggest magazine publications, Men’s Health, comes to you for an animated short what do you do? You draw inspiration from the beginnings of animation.

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Posted by nick on 4/17/14

Feed Your Creative Brain and Live Happily!

motion is a national event celebrating creativity in motion; the TED Talks of our industry if you will, and they selected us to create the opening titles for the 2013 show. They gave us the best brief possible: Do whatever you want, just make it cool – we had full creative reign. Obviously, we instantly thought of tentacles… and the concept grew from there.

Thanks to the motion staff for having full faith in us to deliver something cool in three weeks. We loved the process, love the result and absolutely loved the event. Also a very special thanks to Allen DiCenzo of Circa Music for the great sound design! Lastly, many thanks to all of the publications who helped tell our story: Motionographer, Stash, SHOOT, Computer Arts Magazine, and the many others.

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Posted by bekah on 4/2/14

Unleashed at SXSW…

Great News for Filmmakers, the Bolex 16 goes Digital  While we were at SXSW this year we had the chance to see the Digital Bolex 16 unveiled. The baby of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the D16 is a retro 2K resolution RAW cinema camera which combines Bolex high quality images, 16 mm film, and digital [...]

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Posted by Andrew Jung on 3/21/14

Miyazaki’s Secret Ingredient – It’s 100% Italian!

  How to mix new technology and classic flair? The answer is Toonz! It may sound odd, but this is the name of the 2D software developed by an Italian studio for the making off Balto in 1995. Traditional techniques have been adapted to the new technologies in this application for cartoon animation industry, released by [...]

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Posted by Andrew Jung on 2/15/14